Art is brain food


很多人可能听过Art is business这句话,艺术就是商业,推动了轰轰烈烈艺术作品商业化浪潮。但我觉得这句话描述了艺术的生存,忽略了艺术的本质,就是对人的作用。




我刚看完村上村树的《我的职业是小说家》。里面他总结的和读者沟通后感受:这些人作为一个整体,非常准确而深刻地理解了我,或者说我写的小说。这就是我对观众们的期待,希望有一天大家能深深的读懂画里传达的信息。毕竟,艺术作为brain food,就是信息的载体不是?而信息的连接,我觉得,是为了让我们有信心说,作为生命体,我们不孤独。

Some heard about the famous saying, art is business, which carried out a big movement of commercialization of art, which, caused art so expensive.

I’d say it’s missing something. Something essential. That art is for human being.

I planned to write about whether art is objective or subjective. But hey, I’m no philosopher. I’ll just pop a question here. Suppose there is art existing somewhere in the universe, that no one has seen it, no one has heard about it, no one knows about it. Is it still art?

I don’t have much insights to the answer, still exploring myself too. However, here I want to talk about how important art is to the brain.

I’ve been reading a book, How emotions are made, by Lisa Feldman Barrett. It talks about how brain is consuming every sensation your body provides, non stop, and then provides prediction about outside world and then tells your body to react. I also want to mention another study I learned on that daily exercise can actually improve “brain muscle”.

Your brain needs quality input to generate better output. From there, you step forward. Music and art is this kind of input, that brings out the best of your brain.

I just finished reading Haruki Murakami’s book, Novelist as a vocation. He described a feeling that he got from his readers: collaboratively, these readers, despite some personal opinions, understand me precisely, or understand my novel deeply. I expect that from my audiences too, that I hope as a entirety, you can get the message delivered in my art work. After all, art is the carrier of information to the brain. And to be connected by information, to me, is for us, as a living being, to say confidently that we’re not alone.