My name is Wei Zhang, but I also use my starbucks name Vera.

I'm a programmer during daytime and an artist at heart.

I started programming about 5 years ago.

I started painting about 2 years ago.

Relatively new in both fields.

But not hesitate to become master of both.

I scratched my head for writing this bio.

Then I thought why not make it a poem?

Though it doesn't have perfect rhythm.

Or it doesn't have rhythm at all.

Thank you for liking my art.

Though I don't know if you really like it or not.

I'd still appreciate, that you read this far.


那么我用中文再自我介绍一下,我叫Vera Zhang。




Vera Zhang is a Chinese artist based in New York City. Her current work focuses on exploring the relationship between reality and fantasy. Her work is about duality, her academic training, and her cultural background.

Vera went to Columbia University and majored in Electrical Engineering. After school, she learned to create art by herself. She received positive reviews from the public. Subsequently, she went on to take classes at SVA in Manhattan. There she focused on portraits. She developed a unique style of creating them, which can be seen in her project Hue. The project won the second place in a group show hosted by GreenPoint Gallery, Brooklyn, New York.